NVC and SNVC Matt OPP Titan Mesh Net V

Hearty Rise

defects Hearty Rise is a fishing tackle manufacturer based in Taiwan who are committed to providing the fisherman with the highest quality fishing gear. We pay attention to the smallest detail and their craftsmanship is like no other brand. We have been in the rod making business for approximately 3 decades, enough experience to understand the intricacies of rod building and design. Nothing has been overlooked from sourcing the highest quality Japanese carbon to using the best guides and components from Japan and the USA. In fact more than 60% of our export market is to Japan, so these are Japanese quality fishing rods available for you to buy in Australia. If you want the very best in what fishing tackle manufacturing has to offer then look no further, Hearty Rise has a rod for you.

This is footage of a HR rod being tested under load before being sent into mass production.



NVC NVC carbon combines the best combination of lightness and power in the one material. It uses a low amount of resin and high modulus carbon to complete this high density material. This results in a material which has incredible resilience, a high strength to weight ratio and it allows engineers to use a thinner piece of material. SNVC utilises heat and pressure to obtain a carbon which is unparalleled in this industry. If we use the example of fresh meat bought from a butcher, NVC is similar to lean meat and SNVC is even leaner! Say goodbye to the heavy rod blanks of yesterday, with Hearty Rise you have a rod which is both powerful and amazingly light weight.


Matt OPP

matt opp This process involves the preservation of the natural surface features of the blank whilst obtaining a unique matte finish. The result is a blank with significantly higher strength as well as having a surface which can withstand small scratches and knicks. Traditional methods employ destructive techniques in the manufacturing process which actually weakens the blank but not with Matt OPP.


Titan Mesh

tmesh Often the weakest part of a rod is the joint. The answer was to reinforce the joint section using advanced titanium material known as Titan Mesh. This results in increased strength whilst maintaining the properties of SNVC as well as the Net VII manufacturing techniques.



netvii A manufacturing technique developed by Hearty Rise to increase the strength of the weakest parts of the seam. A complicated mix of intricate weaving here leads to increased blank strength and allowing the blank to stretch under load without failure. The carbon fabric is made from the finest quality resin and prepreg carbon mixture sourced from Japan.


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