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A few years ago HR engineers were faced with a difficult challenge, to design an ultralight weight rod, perfect for casting soft plastics at timid fish and a rod which could punch well above its weight. After much deliberation and several prototypes the Rock n Force rods were born. The lightest rod in the range weighs a mere 65g and is able to cast the lightest 0.5g lures, meaning the angler can trek with it for long periods without tiring and cast ultralight lures at very timid fish in shallow clear water. Attention to detail has not been overlooked either with the immaculate finish so typical of the Hearty Rise brand. Quality has not been compromised anywhere, these rods feature Fuji skeleton reel seats and Fuji Titanium SiC guides. The tips are made from solid SNVC Toray carbon which extends the durability of the blank. These rods are ideal for species like bream, trout, whiting, bass and flathead however, a group of anglers recently took one up to the Cocos Islands and put it to the test on some quality bonefish and small GTs. Not surprisingly it passed the test with flying colours! If you are after an extremely light weight rod able to cast the tiniest of lures at species in clear water then look no further the Rock n Force rods are it.




Model Pieces Full Length (m) Collapsed Length (m) Weight (g) Tip Diameter (mm) Butt Diameter (mm) Lure weight (g) Line (lb) Carbon (%) RRP ($AUD)
RF662UL 2 1.98 1.03 68 1.8 12.3 0.7-7 3-6 99 349.00
RF692XUL 2 2.06 1.07 65 1.4 10.9 0.5-5 2-4 99 349.00
RF702LL 2 2.13 1.13 80 1.8 13.0 1.5-14 4-10 99 355.00
RF752LL 2 2.25 1.17 83 1.8 14.3 1.0-10 3-8 99 355.00

Pro Force





The Pro Force are designed for tournament champions and lure fishing enthusiasts. These rods are made from some of the highest grades of materials such as high modulus 46T carbon fibre adopted with NET VII technology to create a powerful and ultra-sensitive blank. The entire series is equipped with Fuji K guides and Fuji reel seats combined with high density cork imported from Portugal. Sporting a beautiful finish thanks to Hearty Rise's Matt OPP surface finish will ensure every Pro Force angler looking like a pro.

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From casting a lightweight lure to jungle perch in a remote mountainous stream to simply casting a bait for bream in the harbour, the Halcyon's versatility will make an angler feel right at home. These rods possess a slim blank profile combined with lightweight features and a highly senstitive tip. The Halcyon series enables the full action of the lure to be presented which is key in enticing timid fish species to take a strike. These rods come equipped with Fuji K guides and Fuji reel seats. The rods' aesthetics are second to none with a chameleonic coating technique, HR's famous Matt OPP technology and cork components from Portugal.

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